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$50 at the door; $40 if you pre register with a $10 meal plan available.

The cost to NPC is free, with a $10 meal plan available.

402080_4362062330677_2024258043_n.jpgGame Logistics:

Level Cap: We are currently accepting all Alliance characters at full build. We only ask that players be mature when the dealing with characters of all levels and take the opportunity to be a leader rather than pick on people of lesser experience.

Magic Items:

At this time, there is no limit on restricted magic items. However, we do reserve the right to review all characters and limit items or local chapter powers which we feel would break either the spirit or the balance of our chapter. The current limit for LCO Magic items transferring from other chapters is 20 rituals not including extenders and time evers.

Item Donations:

We will reward players generously with Goblin Stamps for items from the our list which can be turned in for In-Game benefit. Check out our donations thread for a list of items currently needed.

Event Location

Camp Pokanoka

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