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Please send all IBGAs to: [email protected]. Don’t forget the “s”

Not sure what to send for an IBGA? Just list something your character is doing between games, or something your character wants to know! Maybe you have no idea! Just send in a letter to that address and we can help you out a bit.


Foss Siril at the Sept event met up with his best friend in the world, Magistrate Libara. He’d like to go learn about his past over a hot cup of tea in the middle of the Elven Crystal Gardens. (this would get you a written response)

Sam Gemclipper decides to go back to Bink’s boat and give him a piece of his mind for beating up people during the Fae Coronation. He’s going to be questioning Binks with a variety of things. (As Binks is a person, this may become a chat based response).

Silp, after meeting people this last market day decides to take it upon himself to remove every stump in Westhaven for the good of the land. He’ll be using his CO: Stump Remover and offering his services to the local townsfolk. (Silp used a CO, which may grant better success, and would also get a written response).

It can be as simple or complex as you like; it’s mostly a chance for YOU to tell us what you want to follow up on.

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